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The E-Commerce in Mexico represents a great business opportunity for brick and morter stores

The online market has grown 300% over the last 3 years. Worth $164,000 million. Only retail $66,000 million *
It is estimated that in 2018 Mexico will have 20 million online shoppers, 42% more than in 2014
There are only 6 Mexican mayor retail stores taking advantage of the market...
* Source: AMIPCI, Euromonitor, 2015 Report

What retail stores dominate the mexican E-Commerce retail?

Liverpool, Walmart, Famsa, SAM's, Palacio de Hierro, Sanborns... some of them already reaching annual sales of nearly $1,000 million pesos.

What have done wrong the retail chains that want to do E-Commerce?

Then they got...

Tiny sales
Low profitability
Problems in the fullfilment
Tiny or no buybacks
High chargebacks

The reason why Glue Mart should be your ally!

We are a consultant led by who has generated not once, but twice compelling stories of success in the Mexican E-Commerce!



Rodrigo Álvarez

He was the one who caused that the Liverpool site became a real business (now is the No.1 site on E-Commerce in Mexico) when before their approach was to make marketing ... and soon after positioned Famsa as the 2nd place of Mexico just behind only Liverpool ... when it was a virtually unknown player in 2011.

"The top six brick and morter players online, according to Euromonitor, are Liverpool, Famsa, Palacio de Hierro, Sanborns, PlazaVIP.com and Walmart." [ View Note ] [ View Note ]

Potential results on your goals

Liverpool.com.mx Famsa.com
In 3 years In 5 years
Sales They grew between 200% to 600%, from 3 to 7 times
Gross profit They grew between 50% to 100%
Convertion rate They grew between 100% to 200%, from 2 to 3 times
Positioning By Being in loss, one of these sites ended up being the most profitable store and the another one the bigger in sales of the entire group!
Awards One of these sites won the award for best E-Commerce site for two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014 by the IIR Mexico


What value Glue Mart add to your E-Commerce

We are a E-Commerce consultancy specializing in designing the strategic model and the most appropriate solution for brick and morter stores who want:

  • Increased sales by improving covertion rate.
  • Improves performance and profitability of the product portafolio.
  • Ensuring supply chain to properly support the E-Commerce unit.
  • Establish the model of control and visibility of E-Commerce operation.

Speciality Solutions

Methodology designed to correct common errors that commercial chains made in E-Commerce.

Tailored Suits

Suitable for retailers who know they fail and want a specialist to help in correcting.

Development in competition and talent

Development of skills and experience in the team to accelerate obtaining results.


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